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Turkey Trot

Tom Turkey

November 1, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Royal Palm Turkey

Ok, so Tom is not technically a chicken, but he said this is HIS month & I have to say, I agree.

Here are some little known facts about turkeys that you might use to impress your friends:

1. The turkey is one of the most famous birds in North America.  In fact, Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the wild turkey, not the Bald Eagle, the national bird of the United States!

2. Have you ever wondered what Turkey (the country in the Middle East) and the American bird have in common?  A case of mistaken identity resulted in the American Turkey being named after the country.  When the Spanish first found the bird in the Americas more than 400 years ago they brought it back to Europe. The English mistakenly thought it was a bird they called a “turkey” so they gave it the same name. This other bird was actually from Africa, but came to England by way of the Turkey (lots of shipping went through Turkey at the time). The name stuck even when they realized the birds weren’t the same.

3. Turkey is the only native poultry breed of the Western Hemisphere.

4. Turkeys have great hearing skills but no ears.

5. Turkeys can see in colors, have excellent visual acuity and their field of vision spans across about 270 degrees.

6. Turkeys have poor sense of smell but great sense of taste.

7. Wild turkeys can fly at a speed of as much as 55 miles per hour over short distances and are good runners with a speed of about 25 miles per hour.

8. Turkeys are so sensitive that they can drown by looking up while it is raining and can have heart attacks due to sudden shocks.

9. Next time on Thanksgiving Day, try the ballroom dance known as the ‘Turkey Trot’, which is based on the short, jerky steps of the turkeys.

So, there you go! While you can understand Tom does not celebrate with as much gusto, he does wish you a very happy Thanksgiving & a wonderful November! Gobble! Gobble!

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