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Atlanta Arboretum: Beltline

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Trees2 (600 x 450)While preparing to list a home for sale in Capitol View, I decided to check in on the Beltine progress in the area and was excited to read about the projects going on in the area.

An overall tree planting and maintenance plan is in place for all 22 miles of the Beltline. This calls for reforestation of the corridor and includes expansion of the overall canopy . The Beltline site states:

“When fully realized, the Atlanta BeltlLine will be an unprecedented 22-mile “arboretum” — an elaborately curated, city-scale mix of existing and cultivated tree species that is at once an urban forest, an ecological connector, a corridor for scientific research, and a collection of remarkable public spaces.”

Areas along the corridor are broken down into ‘Natural Neighborhoods” with Capitol View, Adair Park, and Capitol View Manor being in one called Murphy’s Crossing. Great care is being taken to design plant collections for each neighborhood.

Also, in the Capitol View area work is underway on an Urban Agriculture Site in Adair Park off Allene Avenue. An area of several acres that once housed a bus repair facility has been slowly transforming over the last several years. Old buildings have been demolished and contaminated and eroded areas have been given love. The area includes a community garden and the agriculture site which has a long term goal includes planting species of fruits, vegetables, trees, grasses, bushes and edible berries.



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