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Pet of the Month

Louis & Kramer


Tom & Molly

Pet Names:

Louis & Kramer


12 & 5




12lbs & 7lbs


Avondale Estates


Watching baseball, hiking with mom and dad, eating table scraps, chasing squirrels, and napping.

Favorite Food/Treats:

The boys have never met a cheese they didn’t like. They are also huge fans of chicken, beef, scrambled eggs, ice cream and pumpkin pie!


Belly rubs and snuggles.

Pet Peeves:

Not getting scrambled eggs for breakfast, being forced to go potty when it’s raining outside.

Favorite Toys:

Louis has never played with a toy in his life. Give Kramer a ball to chase and he’ll be your best friend for hours. He’s also fans of a stuffed animal that’s a shrimp and the Hungry Hungry Caterpillar.

Arrival Stories:

While living in NYC, after months of searching, we found a reputable breeder in Pennsylvania. Tom went to visit Louis first and it was love at first sight. When Molly came with to pick him up, she instantly knew Louis was going to fill a void in her heart. Louis has always been an “old soul” – a little old man who loves people more than toys. His grandfather was a champion show dog – so Louis thinks he comes from royalty.

We thought Louis could use a brother when we moved to Atlanta. Kramer comes to us from a home in Alabama. The noisiest of the litter, Kramer has certainly lived up to his namesake (Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld). He is a bundle full of energy from morning til night. He makes Molly & Tom laugh with his antics, is smarter than he looks and is a total goof. He adores his big brother, Louis and is the first to let you know if there’s a squirrel or cat trying to take over “his” backyard.


Louis_Photo2 Kramer_Photo Louis_Photo Kramer Shea Hepburn Louis Cheradon Presley

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