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Tax Assessment and Appeals

Tax Assessment and Appeals - Bedrooms, Baths

Watch your mailbox. Property tax assessments in Fulton and DeKalb Counties are going out and we are hearing from numerous clients about sizable increases. If you are one of those that had a jump that does not seem based in reality, and are interested in appealing, here you go…     Fulton County: Here is the link to the appeal […]

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DeKalb Water issues

DeKalb Water issues - Bedrooms, Baths

Residents of Atlanta are all to familiar with the woes of dealing with our water bills. Recently DeKalb County notified it’s customers that they have created a Customer Assurance Team. This team was formed solely to deal with water disputes. I think that gives us an idea of how rampant of a problem this is! […]

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Get out and VOTE!

Get out and VOTE! - Bedrooms, Baths

In case you haven’t heard there is a big election coming up soon! Roost Realty wants everyone to get out and vote. We give employees paid time off to vote and support volunteering to help out on election day. If you or anyone you know needs help getting to their polling place on Tuesday November […]

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Big changes to Mortgage Industry!

- Bedrooms, Baths

On October 3rd, the biggest changes to the mortgage and lending industry in 50 years took effect. New government rules have taken hold in an effort to give buyer’s more time to review and limit pressure that can occur right before a closing. What do these changes mean to us? Delays are expected as the […]

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Atlanta Arboretum: Beltline

Atlanta Arboretum: Beltline - Bedrooms, Baths

    While preparing to list a home for sale in Capitol View, I decided to check in on the Beltine progress in the area and was excited to read about the projects going on in the area. An overall tree planting and maintenance plan is in place for all 22 miles of the Beltline. […]

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Mortgage Debt Relief Extended

Mortgage Debt Relief Extended - Bedrooms, Baths

Extensions that passed the House and Senate have now been signed by the President and the Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014 extended numerous tax provisions that expired in 2013. These extensions include things like tuition deductions, state tax deductions. Most importantly, for some homeowners, the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act was extended through 2014. This […]

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Ghost Energy

Ghost Energy - Bedrooms, Baths

Ghost energy, phantom load, vampire power, it all refers to the electricity that gets used when we have stuff plugged in but not in use. I’ve heard this term for a while but never really thought about it much until I saw someone report that they started unplugging things when they left their house and […]

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Changes in Financing

Changes in Financing - Bedrooms, Baths

  As of April 1st FHA raised fees associated with new loans. This adds to several hikes over the past few years. In times not far gone, FHA was the go to loan for most first time buyers since it was the only one that was available for buyer’s that had less than 20% to […]

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Housing inventory

Housing inventory - Bedrooms, Baths

  Buyers Market? Sellers market? In many of our in town Atlanta neighborhoods we are seeing a lack of sales inventory. We have ready and willing buyers but do not have houses to show them. As Spring arrives we expect to see our inventory grow and we anticipate it to be more of a retail […]

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Distressed Listing Numbers

Distressed Listing Numbers - Bedrooms, Baths

Distressed properties such as foreclosures and short sales have decreased as a percentage of the total market. We anticipate this trend to continue. In the overall Atlanta market, distressed properties have dropped by 3% over the last year. This chart shows the 30316 zip code. It only shows closed properties, however, the overall number of […]

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