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2010 Strut

posted September 20, 2010

I have lived in East Atlanta for 11 years.  In those years I have rarely missed a strut.The Marching Abominables at the 2010 EAV Strut The Strut it is our Village’s annual festival. The streets are closed down to traffic and instead filled with artist booths, food vendors and music stages.

This year it was icky hot, we hopped on our bikes and made it to the Village in time to see the parade.  I even scored a spot on the curb in the shade. We were thrilled again to see The Seed & Feed Marching Abominable band in the parade.

This year I found myself thinking back to the first Strut I attended which was really more like a block party. Our little Strut is all grown up now with corporate sponsors and everything. As usual I ran into many folks that I had not seen in ages. I spent a little money supporting the artists and I spent more time than I ever have just chilling and listening to music. I really enjoyed the variety of music offered this year. There were 3 stages sponsored by local radio stations that had performances going from 10 am to 10pm. I particularly enjoyed Grinder Nova, Uncle Daddy & The Kissing Cousins, Herman Put Down The Gun and Tiger Tiger. One stage was located in front of Brannen Towers and I found myself wondering what the elderly community there thought of really loud bands playing in the street under their windows!

The King of Pops was a huge hit. I have never seen so many people eating popsicles. Oh and I tried Fried Collard Greens. Yummy but not easy to eat since you end up with a teeth full of greenery.

See you strutting next September! Mindy

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