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Shred & Tread

November 14, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

November 19th DeKalb County celebrates America Recycles Day with a special event. Shred & Tread Event is hosted by Keep DeKalb Beautiful and encourages county residents to bring paper for shredding and old tires for recycling.

Gather documents that contain personal information and bring them for the shredder. There is a limit of 5 boxes per person. See information on the types of shredding here

In addition, if you have any old tires hanging around or if you have had any dumped illegally on your street you can bring those and for $1.00 they will be recycled. Limit 10 tires per person.

The Shred & Tread Event is being held Saturday, November 19th 9am – 1pm
DeKalb County Sanitation – Central Transfer Station
3720 Leroy Scott Drive
Decatur, GA 30032

Dekalb County

Potential DeKalb School Closures

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The DeKalb County school board is scheduled for a controversial vote on Monday March 7, 2011 regarding the potential closure of up to 8 schools.

DeKalb County has faced a drop in enrollment and currently has  a large number of empty seats, that coupled with a reduction in funding has brought this issue, which has been floating around for several years, to the forefront.

The schools on the chopping block are:

  • Gresham Park Elementary
  • Atherton Elementary
  • Glen Haven Elementary
  • Sky Haven Elementary
  • Peachcrest Elementary
  • Medlock Elementary
  • Avondale Middle
  • Avondale High

These potential closures would impact approximate 9,000 students that would have to change schools. It is said that this proposal could save as much as $12 million a year. There have been public forums held over the past few weeks where parents packed the house to give their input to the board members.

The school board meeting that will include the final vote will begin at 6pm March 7, 2011 at 1701 Mountain Industrial Blvd in Stone Mountain.

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Dekalb County

DeKalb County Foreclosure Registration

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Once a home is foreclosed upon it is often very difficult to hunt down the owner or who is ultimately responsible for maintaining the home.

As of November 1st, the DeKalb County Foreclosure Registry that was passed by the county commissioners back in July is in effect. The registry requires all foreclosed properties be registered in a county database. There is a registration fee of $175. Failure to register can result can result in fines of $1,00 per day. This registry will be available online and will contain the owners contact information.

In theory, I think this is a great idea. The complaint about foreclosures is overgrown lawns and properties that are not being secured or maintained. However, it is my experience that the majority of these issues happen during the pre-foreclosure process. Foreclosures now can take many, many months. During that time period the owner may have vacated the home leaving the property untended. Typically I find that once a bank takes back the property they hire a local professional to secure and maintain the home on their behalf.

Information on the Program can be found on the DeKalb County website:

photo by: @respres

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