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Real Estate Investing Opportunities

A survey recently released by shows that in the upcoming months, real estate investors are more likely to throw their hats into the buying ring than typical buyers.

The survey also states that investors are most likely to spend their dollars in their own cities. Over the years, we have dealt with many out-of-state investors that found to Atlanta market a good place to speculate. However, investing far from home can add additional risk.

Interestingly, only 18.5% of the investors polled said that they would be cash buyers. We have not seen the mortgage industry open back up yet for investors, so I don’t know how the rest plan to pay for the properties.

Also, 65% of investors said that they expect the problems first-time buyers are having getting mortgages will make it easier for the to compete for properties. I am seeing the opposite here in Atlanta. Qualified Buyers are having no problems getting financing. And now many foreclosed properties are hitting the market with a owner-occupant only first look period. This has been typical for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae for years. When they 1st list a property there is a time period where they will only allow offers from owner-occupants. Investors can only present offers after the 2st look period of over. This practice is allowing some of my first time buyers to get in without having to bid against all cash investors.

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