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Ormewood Park / QT controversy

On Saturday an Ormewood Park resident stood on the corner of Ormewood and Woodland roads handing out information on the proposed building of a QuikTrip gas station.

The proposed gas station would be located adjacent to the Little Azios where the run-down Jiffy Grocery is currently located.  I love the idea of having a convenience like QT close by, however, I have been dismayed by several pieces of this proposed project.

1) The location – yes this is Moreland, and Moreland is a busy commercial street. However it backs right up to a residential neighborhood where you will wave to neighbors in their yards and dodge strollers and bikes. I consider Ormewood Square (where Spoon and Morelli’s are located) as a good example of a development that promotes neighborhood friendly access. The QT proposal would not allow cars to enter from Moreland so Ormewood and Hall Avenues would feel the impact of the high volume of QT patrons.

2) Shady zoning – everything that I have read indicates that some finagling has been done with the lots in what appears to be an attempt to circumvent the required 100 foot buffer required between the commercial and residential spaces. The parcel was divided with one large lot in the front and a small sliver of land behind it. This sliver of land negates the required residential buffer.

3) Size – QT proposes to build a store that is larger than it’s typical 4,700 square foot.

I like others, that I have spoken with, are in favor of a QT in the area, however, build it in a place that meets residential setbacks and codes. And shame on the City for some lax zoning that does not have a minimum lot size on commercial property developments. Jiffy Grocery is run down and dilapidated and what I consider to be a bit of an eye sore (although I do occasional stop there). I would love to see that corner be developed in a way that compliments the neighborhood. I think that the city needs to look at implementing more regulations for Neighborhood Friendly Commercial zoning, like that which has already been adopted in East Atlanta.

That’s my 2 cents…Mindy


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