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New Technology!

posted August 16, 2010

Mindy & I are always are always on the lookout for new technology that will not only make us stand apart from the competition, but make our Client’s lives easier & the transaction as stress free as possible. We also work with a lot of investors, many of whom are out of state. These investors will submit many offers on different properties. In the past, it has required a lot of signing & faxing or scanning & emailing the paperwork back & forth to get the deal done. This can be challenging for some people.

Then Mindy found Docusign. It is an online site that allows you to obtain electronic signatures. I know this sounds crazy & gushy, but I’m in love! It has made such an impact on our business. No more faxing & scanning & going back & forth. We can now type up the offers, scan into Docusign & email out to all the participants in a deal. We are now able to highlight where each individual needs to sign, initial, date & fill in info if needed. We had a contract that was fully executed in 15 minutes the other day. If I had done it the old school way, I would have had to send it to my Seller, wait for it to come back, then send it to the Selling Agent, wait for her to send it to her buyer, get it back, THEN send it to me. Instead, I emailed to everyone & had it back in 15 minutes!

If you want more info on Docusign check out or on Twitter @docusign
We can’t say enough about what a difference it has made for us & how much our Clients have appreciated the convenience of the service.


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