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Atlanta #1 City for Home Buyers

Atlanta #1 City for Home Buyers - Bedrooms, Baths

The April issue of Fortune Magazine featured an article on the 10 best cities for home buyers. Atlanta topped their list. Duetsche Bank looked at the cost of renting vs. owning. I heard a fellow REALTOR joke the other day that Atlanta is on sale. That is a way to put a different spin on […]

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Spring break

- Bedrooms, Baths

Nothing says spring break like going to mom’s work and scrubbing real estate signs! We capitalized on the 80 degree weather and the child labor and tackled the pile of dirty signs that has been threatening to overtake us. It wasn’t all bad for the girls, they got to play in the water and got […]

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Real Estate Technology

Real Estate Technology - Bedrooms, Baths

I told someone that  I was spending 2 days in a real estate technology conference and they looked at me with an odd expression. Emerging trends, marketing hot topics, online tools, wordpress plugins, QR codes (love/hate), mobile technology. We are getting to nibble on a little of it all. Unlike many real estate functions, RE […]

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FHA Changes Premiums

FHA Changes Premiums - Bedrooms, Baths

The FHA mortgage insurance premium, known as MIP, rates go up on April 18, 2011! You still have time to lock in and save money.

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Dekalb County History Center’s Annual Silent Auction

Dekalb County History Center’s Annual Silent Auction - Bedrooms, Baths

Tomorrow night, March 25th from 6pm-9pm is the Dekalb County History Center’s annual silent auction. This is a free event, open to the public & there will be lots of awesome things to bid on from local businesses. Also, beer, wine & munchies! Mindy & I will be your friendly bartenders, so come on by, […]

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Potential DeKalb School Closures

Potential DeKalb School Closures - Bedrooms, Baths

The DeKalb County school board is scheduled for a controversial vote on Monday March 7, 2011 regarding the potential closure of up to 8 schools. DeKalb County has faced a drop in enrollment and currently has  a large number of empty seats, that coupled with a reduction in funding has brought this issue, which has […]

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Eloise & Tootie

Eloise & Tootie - Bedrooms, Baths

Spring is on the way & what better way to celebrate than with spring chicks! Eloise (yellow) & Tootie (brown), are Easter Egger chicks. They are 3 weeks old & will grow up to lay beautiful baby blue & light green eggs. Happy Spring!! Stacy

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Time to payback Uncle Sam

Time to payback Uncle Sam - Bedrooms, Baths

I have not seen any reports of how many people took advantage of the first time home buyer tax credits that were available in several forms 2008 – 2010. I wonder how many folks are going to be surprised that Uncle Sam wants some money from them? Most people would consider the tax “credit” that […]

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Chicken Love

Chicken Love - Bedrooms, Baths

Happy February! Can you believe it? We have almost made it to spring! We have several chickens & each & every one is special to us. But sometimes, you have those that take a super special place in your heart. Martha is one of those. Martha is a Silver Cochin & she came to us […]

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Landlords and 1099 reporting

Landlords and 1099 reporting - Bedrooms, Baths

A new law went into effect for 2011 that affects landlords. All landlords who receive $600 or more in rent for the year must send a 1099 to all service providers that the landlord paid $600 or more during the year, such as plumbers, carpenters, yard services, and repair people. Prior to 2011, this requirement […]

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