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30316 Days on Market

30316 Days on Market - Bedrooms, Baths

We always are watching the sales data for trends and we have seen a nice downward trend for Days on Market. This tracks how long properties for sale are staying on the market before they are sold. Historically, this number always goes up in the winters months. However, we have been lacking inventory in our […]

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Rental Scams

Rental Scams - Bedrooms, Baths

Unfortunately, we have seen a rise in the number of rental scams. Craigslist has always been plagued with scammers but now they have found a way to infiltrate popular sites such as Zillow, Hotpads, Trulia and other sites where posts can be syndicated. Just this week we were contacted by a potential renter who called […]

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Vacant homes in City of Atlanta

Vacant homes in City of Atlanta - Bedrooms, Baths

Following in the footsteps of DeKalb County, the City of Atlanta adopted an ordinance that targets vacant homes in the city. The new ordinance requires owners of any vacant residential building or dwelling to register with the Office of Code Enforcement. Vacant properties must be registered within 30 days after the building becomes vacant. The […]

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Atlanta Then & Now

Atlanta Then & Now - Bedrooms, Baths

I’ve enjoyed digging in to the history of my home and was lucky enough to meet the son of the man who built my house in 1932. Hearing stories of the history of my home was such a treat and we were happy to get answers to some questions that we had not been able […]

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Shred & Tread

Shred & Tread - Bedrooms, Baths

Grab your paper for shredding and old tires for recycling to support America Recycles Day. Saturday November 19th Keep DeKalb Beautiful is hosting a Shred & Tread event.

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5 Weekend Getaways from Atlanta

5 Weekend Getaways from Atlanta - Bedrooms, Baths

I just got back from spending the weekend in Savannah.  I love Savannah and typically visit a couple times per year. That got me thinking, what other must-visits are there for Atlanta based folks. These are all within about a half days drive of Atlanta. Savannah, GA – home to the largest National Historic Landmark […]

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Interactive Crime Map

Interactive Crime Map - Bedrooms, Baths

Trulia recently launched a beta version of crime maps. They use a heatmap to track crimes and it makes for some very interesting reading. I think this is a great tool for potential home buyers. The stats seem to run 30-45 days behind but the heat colors are indicative of patterns and typically that is […]

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Real Estate Investing Opportunities

- Bedrooms, Baths

A survey recently released by shows that in the upcoming months, real estate investors are more likely to throw their hats into the buying ring than typical buyers. The survey also states that investors are most likely to spend their dollars in their own cities. Over the years, we have dealt with many out-of-state […]

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Short Sales

Short Sales - Bedrooms, Baths

Pre-foreclosure, shortsale, CDPE listing…these all describe the same thing. In brief, a short sale is when a homeowner owes more than they can sell their home for and they ask their mortgage lender to ‘short’ their mortgage and take less than what it is worth. There are many nuances to short sales but let’s focus […]

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Blondie - Bedrooms, Baths

Meet Blondie… This month’s chicken hails from East Atlanta. Blondie is a silkie. She lives in a really cool coop in the backyard of Rebecca and Joe. Blondie shares her coop with her flock of 4 other chickens. She’s a pretty little thing with a blondish to red coat, who enjoys dust baths. It was […]

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