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Welcome Lilly!

Welcome Lilly! - Bedrooms, Baths

On April 2, 2011 Lilly, a Splash Orpington emerged from her/his (we don’t know yet!) shell to greet the world. Proud parents, Emma & Party Horn couldn’t be more pleased with their fluffy bundle of joy!

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Eloise & Tootie

Eloise & Tootie - Bedrooms, Baths

Spring is on the way & what better way to celebrate than with spring chicks! Eloise (yellow) & Tootie (brown), are Easter Egger chicks. They are 3 weeks old & will grow up to lay beautiful baby blue & light green eggs. Happy Spring!! Stacy

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Chicken Love

Chicken Love - Bedrooms, Baths

Happy February! Can you believe it? We have almost made it to spring! We have several chickens & each & every one is special to us. But sometimes, you have those that take a super special place in your heart. Martha is one of those. Martha is a Silver Cochin & she came to us […]

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Tom Turkey

Tom Turkey - Bedrooms, Baths

Ok, so Tom is not technically a chicken, but he said this is HIS month & I have to say, I agree. Here are some little known facts about turkeys that you might use to impress your friends: 1. The turkey is one of the most famous birds in North America.  In fact, Benjamin Franklin […]

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Alice - Bedrooms, Baths

Alice is a Silver Laced Wyandotte whose interests include long, free-range walks in the backyard, eating meal worms & pecking inferior hens. Dislikes:people who eat chicken. (Can’t blame her for that!) Turn ons: cracked corn & fresh greens. Turn offs: roosters with small combs or thinning feathers.

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September – Chicken of the Month

September – Chicken of the Month - Bedrooms, Baths

Meet ‘Robin’ the hen that turned out to be a rooster. Although we already had 6 baby chicks my oldest daughter really wanted a “fancy” chicken. She got on the computer, did some research & decided that she really wanted a Speckled Sussex. The closest one we could find was in Bowden, GA which is […]

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