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Eviction Protection Program

To help our clients avoid the risk and financial strain that an eviction can have on their cash flow, we offer a comprehensive Eviction Protection Program. This optional service is available for any tenant placed by our company on your behalf.

Evictions can happen no matter how well a tenant has been screened prior to occupancy. Unforeseen circumstances change in people’s lives such as job loss, divorce, death or serious injury can result in a tenant being unable to pay the rent.  Evictions can also be initiated for other violations of the lease agreement such as not maintaining the property, unauthorized pets or criminal behavior. When any of these instances occur, the landlord must go through the costly and time consuming procedure of tenant eviction.

Typical evictions can cost between $800 – $1200. In a usual case, owners pay for the eviction upfront and are later compensated by the refund of the tenant security deposit. However, in most cases, if the tenants are behind on rent prior to filing the eviction, the security deposit is unlikely to fully cover all of the unpaid rents. This plus court costs and any expenses needed to repair the property to be rent-ready again.

Our Eviction Protection Program changes that. Court costs and eviction fees will no longer be an issue and Roost Realty handles all of the time consuming court appearances and paperwork.

By enrolling in the Eviction Protection Program, Roost Realty will pay for your eviction in full resulting in your security deposit being available to be applied towards any unpaid rent, property damages, or any other fees you are entitled to recover from the tenant.

What is covered:

  • Eviction filing fees (even if there are multiple filings in one year)
  • Process server fees
  • Court costs
  • Broker representation fees
  • Writ of Possession fees
  • Locks re-keyed after evicted tenant vacates

What the program does not cover:

  • Cost of a jury trial (very rare)
  • Lost rents
  • Damage to the property
  • Cost to physically “remove” the tenant


  1. $120 per year, per unit, charged to your account at lease start or annually at lease renewal.


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