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April 2011

Chilling Tornado Footage

Chilling Tornado Footage - Bedrooms, Baths

There was a lot of hype in Atlanta yesterday about the impending storms. While on all sides of the city there was lots of damage, the city emerged pretty much unscathed. Here at the Roost, we did get a call from a tenant that had a tree fall across their driveway and they could not […]

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Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s Insurance - Bedrooms, Baths

A tree came crashing down I onto my house in the middle of the night. We were lucky and came out safe and sound. However, I thought this might be the perfect time to remind you that it is always good to review your homeowner’s policy on an annual basis. This is the first time […]

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Decatur Earth Day Festival

Decatur Earth Day Festival - Bedrooms, Baths

Grab your old phone book and head to Decatur, Oakhurst Village  Sunday April 17th. The parade starts at 12:30 in Harmony Park (intersection of E. Lake & Oakview) and will  feature the Feed & Seed Marching Abominable Band. Festival runs from 1-4. There are so many fun things to choose from: Cake contest Donate old […]

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Welcome Lilly!

Welcome Lilly! - Bedrooms, Baths

On April 2, 2011 Lilly, a Splash Orpington emerged from her/his (we don’t know yet!) shell to greet the world. Proud parents, Emma & Party Horn couldn’t be more pleased with their fluffy bundle of joy!

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Earth Day – Tire Roundup

Earth Day – Tire Roundup - Bedrooms, Baths

Grab your gloves! It is time for the annual tire round in honor of Earth Day.  The tire collection  is  sponsored each year by city council member  Natalyn Archibong. Atlanta neighbors have a friendly competition to see which neighborhood can collect the most tire. East Atlanta has had the ‘honor’ of winning this contest numerous […]

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Atlanta #1 City for Home Buyers

Atlanta #1 City for Home Buyers - Bedrooms, Baths

The April issue of Fortune Magazine featured an article on the 10 best cities for home buyers. Atlanta topped their list. Duetsche Bank looked at the cost of renting vs. owning. I heard a fellow REALTOR joke the other day that Atlanta is on sale. That is a way to put a different spin on […]

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Spring break

- Bedrooms, Baths

Nothing says spring break like going to mom’s work and scrubbing real estate signs! We capitalized on the 80 degree weather and the child labor and tackled the pile of dirty signs that has been threatening to overtake us. It wasn’t all bad for the girls, they got to play in the water and got […]

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Real Estate Technology

Real Estate Technology - Bedrooms, Baths

I told someone that  I was spending 2 days in a real estate technology conference and they looked at me with an odd expression. Emerging trends, marketing hot topics, online tools, wordpress plugins, QR codes (love/hate), mobile technology. We are getting to nibble on a little of it all. Unlike many real estate functions, RE […]

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